Whom We Serve

Serving Individuals and Businesses

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Solutions for the Community

DivaDiversity challenges the historical context in which we learned about human dignity by working with the fundamentals of how we learn about diversity — through our families, the institutions that educate us, the professions that provide counseling, and the businesses, organizations and communities in which we live and work.

DivaDiversity provides custom, quality, cost-effective and practical services to clients who are aligned with our goals. Our goals are (1) to improve the quality of relationships by addressing diversity challenges through the use of body-mind consciousness and holistic approaches when counseling adults, families and groups, (2) to offer diversity training, coaching and education services to psychology professionals in business.

Achieving a Culture and Values Match

We specialize in serving:

  • Adults, couples, families and groups
  • Underserved or low-income communities
  • Ethnic minorities and diverse populations