Research & Development

R&D Is the Foundation of Our Diversity Programs

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Evidence-Based Diversity Research

At DivaDiversity’s core is a research and development component that provides evidence-based data to support our programs. We create partnerships with institutions, universities and other nonprofit agencies to produce research relevant to culture, diversity and inclusion.

Translating this knowledge into applied practice in our programs directly impacts the clients and companies we serve. From our research, we plan to publish articles, manuals and books. Our research interests include culture-sensitive care, race and ethnic minorities, racism, bias, discrimination, equity and trauma.

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About the DivaDiversity Model

We subscribe to a practitioner-scientist model, which means that we strive to ground our knowledge in evidence-based research and then apply that knowledge across our programs. While many organizations are research-based, DivaDiversity is unique in that our R&D topics focus on cultural sensitivity, diversity and inclusion. We create and conduct training programs for individuals and groups to help them navigate challenging conversations and situations on these topics.

The goal is to use our research to further our mission to incorporate human diversity treatments in the field of psychology.

Won’t You Join Us in Our Mission?

We actively seek to partner with companies, universities and professionals to provide culture-related training programs. We invite you to use our research as references and to partner with us on aligned topics of interest.

Please contact DivaDiversity to sponsor our research or collaborate with us on diversity R&D topics of interest.