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Federal, State & County Contracting for Diversity Services

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Government Contracts for Diversity Training

DivaDiversity contracts with federal, state and local governments to provide diversity training and counseling services. We also subcontract with government partners to supply relevant research and development, business services and counseling as part of EAP wellness programs.  

Over the years, many governmental entities and contractors have sought to hire our 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization to procure the services we offer. They selected — and continue to select — DivaDiversity because they know that they can rely on our:

  • Accountability for meeting deadlines, tracking costs and delivering the expected level and quality of service
  • Lowered risk — DivaDiversity has received GSA Vendor status, meaning that we have been approved to sell to the United States government through the General Services Administration (GSA)
  • Ability to save the government money through our pre-negotiated “best pricing”
  • Time savings that accrue from our slimmed-down processes, reduced paperwork and lack of redundancy
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Government Diversity Training Services

Federal, state and city governments enter into diversity training contracts to achieve a diverse workforce that reflects the makeup of their constituents. In this way, these entities are better able to understand the needs of the people they serve. Another objective is to create an inclusive, welcoming work environment free from harassment and discrimination. Our diversity services also offer our dedicated government personnel access to professional mental health services. 

DivaDiversity provides government buyers with a high-quality suite of programs that offers improved access to mental health and consulting services and implementation of process improvements to save time. We also strive to improve client care outcomes with the use of evidence-based interventions including a “whole person” approach and the extensive research that we apply to each of our services.

Please contact DivaDiversity to discuss your diversity education needs.