Education Services

Diversity Training for Professionals & Community Partners

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Fulfilling a Need for Diversity Education

DivaDiversity offers education on diversity topics of interest as well as clinical training for psychologists, therapists, social workers and healthcare professionals. We provide training and coaching for businesses that seek support to implement diversity and inclusion initiatives. Our professionals are also available for speaking engagements. 

The staff at DivaDiversity is happy to educate individuals and groups interested in improving diversity in the workplace, diversity in business and diversity in the community (including diversity training for first responders). We understand the need for communicating and teaching diversity because of our personal experiences in overcoming diversity challenges, our experience in helping clients deal with the issues of racism, ageism, gender discrimination and related issues, and the recent events and protests against systemic racism that have brought diversity issues to the forefront.

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Clinical Education Services

DivaDiversity brings cost-effective, high-quality training and education on a range of diversity topics to clinical practices. Our goals are to help clinicians and organizations overcome the racism, sexism and ageism that may be hindering their success, and to help them create an inclusive environment that welcomes individuals from different backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities.

We offer our services to:

  • Professionals in psychology
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Businesses in need of diversity coaching
  • Organizational leaders and board members