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Teaching Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

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Why Organizations Need Diversity Coaching

DivaDiversity offers consulting and coaching services to companies struggling with diversity challenges. Our services are beneficial to businesses seeking a knowledgeable, experienced professional firm to help them:

  • Assess and remodel conflict management, promotions, re-organization and change management to improve the hiring and retention of qualified staff.
  • Address diversity challenges, such as harassment and discrimination, and implement diversity initiatives.
  • Implement action plans with effective interventions.
  • Develop custom strategies to improve service delivery to a new demographic and culture.
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Diversity Consulting and Coaching for Businesses

DivaDiversity offers a wide range of business services to engage professionals in the psychology field and across business industries. Our objective is to provide services tailored to each profession.

Our methods are simple, qualitative and cost-effective. DivaDiversity:

  1. Meets to discuss diversity and inclusion with your Board of Directors or its designated agent to establish a relationship. We listen and talk about your needs to determine if we are the best partner for your organization.
  2. Performs a communication review, in which we lay out your goals as we understand them in relation to your issues.
  3. Develops a proposal for the scope of work, pricing, timeline and how we plan to deliver.
  4. Undertakes the contractual work.
  5. Produces an evaluation that we share with you upon completion. The document contains measurable outcomes, such as diversity assessments, that indicate what worked for your organization and where additional effort may be needed.
  6. Reviews the outcomes to identify areas for improvement on our part.

Important takeaways from our workplace diversity and inclusion training include:

  • The effects of inclusion on the bottom line
  • An understanding of the value of diversity
  • Learning what constitutes a diverse workforce
  • Recognition of employees’ unconscious biases
  • Sensitivity to racial and social identity, injustice and inequality