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Offering Wellness Counseling Services

DivaDiversity is dedicated to the quality and overall wellness of each of our clients. That’s why we offer a wide range of mental health and wellness services — whether you are seeking counseling for yourself or your family, your company, your school or your town. Using our diversity model of inclusion, we determine the counseling solution that best fits your needs.

DivaDiversity’s “Aloha Model of Inclusion” is how we approach the treatment we offer. Inclusion is who we are, how we show ourselves in the relationships we create with our clients, schools, businesses, suppliers and anyone we encounter. Simply, it is our way of being. The ancient wisdom of Aloha is not something that is spoken; it is experienced.

We help our clients practice new communication styles, behavior modification and full integration. As clients become more aware of their true underlying issues brought up by exploring diversity challenges, their resistance decreases, and they are open to more human connection.

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Are DivaDiversity Services Right for You?

Are you seeking individual and/or family counseling? Our therapeutic treatments help our clients improve relationships with their jobs, schools, partners, family and friends.

Do your students need help to achieve success in school? We address students’ social and emotional needs to improve their academic performance and personal well-being.

Is your company ready to move to the next level? We offer the services of a diversity coach to help businesses and organizations solve tough challenges related to diversity issues.

Could your company or governmental entity benefit from diversity education? We offer consulting and education for groups, team building and C-suite leadership bias training.