Dr. Dana Girard

Independent Provider, Licensed Psychologist, Clinical Supervisor

Dr. Girard is a Licensed Psychologist (25448) who received a Doctor of Psychology degree in Clinical Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. She is Certified in Rapid Resolution Therapy and a Certified Master Clinician in Process Therapy.  She an Independent provider of clinical supervision for pre-licensed Psych Assistants who are registered with the California Board of Psychology.

Among her most notable achievements is her treatment of clients with trauma, mood disorders, grief, addiction, hoarding and adjustment disorders. As an African-American who grew up in a working-class neighborhood, she not only observed the challenges that sustained poverty, but she also experienced the affirmations that allowed people to rise above them.

Dr. Girard teaches these evidence-based strategies to industry professionals whose goals include removing obstacles and creating self-defined success stories. 

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