Arlene Ticoulet

Executive Director, CEO, Founder of DivaDiversity located in Santa Clara, CA

Ms. Ticoulet is the Executive Director, CEO, and Founder of DivaDiversity located in Santa Clara, California.  She has previously held Board positions for several nonprofit companies and hopes to continue her passion of philanthropy work to help diverse and disadvantaged communities heal from trauma.  She received a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, with a specialization in Holistic Studies from John F. Kennedy University (now National University).  She currently practices as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and in process of obtaining certification in nutrition and wellness to offer nutrition education as part of her clinical treatment.  She received her undergraduate degree in Business, Human Resources Management from San Jose State University.  She is an entrepreneur and enjoys creating and building new family of companies in the healthcare space.  She particularly has a joy of building a community of high learning environments and consistently challenges herself and others to grow to their full potential.  Previously, Ms. Ticoulet worked in the high-tech industry where she established and partnered with leadership teams in various industries; Biotech, Software, Hardware, Manufacturing, and Communications companies.  She has worked in management and consulting positions.  She has been a speaker, trainer, and facilitator for various corporations and universities.  

Growing up in a military family and then living abroad as a foreign exchange student, these provided Ms. Ticoulet firsthand experience of continual life transitions, adaptation, acculturation, adversity, and immigration.  She was born of immigrant parents and is grateful she has a broadened cultural awareness where she expresses more compassion when working with clients faced with human diversity challenges in their relationships. Her vision of creating the “Aloha model  of Inclusion” is to help strengthen people’s relationships with each other and most of all the relationship with the Self. 

Ms. Ticoulet continues to create and develop programs that will further the research of diversity and inclusion within the field of counseling psychology.  Overall, she hopes that these programs will be applied and implemented effectively in therapeutic treatments cross culturally.  Ms. Ticoulet believes that the essence of her work is “Aloha,” which in Hawaiian means a focus on love and openness, and is a pathway to all healing.

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