Amanda Martino

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (117067) and Associate Professional Clinical Counselor (7124)

Ms. Martino is an Associate Professional Clinical Counselor who feels incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to support others as they work on their life’s journey toward wellness. She has worked with children, adults and families in many capacities during the past 15 years and has developed a deep passion for helping unpack barriers to one’s ability to live the most fulfilling life possible.

Ms. Martino earned a Master’s degree in Counseling with an emphasis on children and families from Palo Alto University in 2019. She has worked with a diverse range of clients, all of whom have their own experiences, challenges and incredible strengths. She has a passion for building positive communication skills and relationship dynamics, and believes in highlighting human beings’ incredible ability for resiliency as she teaches those skills. She works under the supervision of a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Michele Lei Caban (38244).

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