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Improving the quality of therapy by offering diversity as a whole person approach to counseling.

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Welcome to DivaDiversity

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DivaDiversity is a wellness company that serves:

  • Adults/Adolescents
  • Couples/Families
  • Groups

… across various markets:

  • Consumers
  • Businesses


DivaDiversity intends to research new ways and findings to improve diversity as part of counseling.

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Our Story

Until recently, human diversity issues were excluded from models of therapy treatment in graduate psychology schools. Therapists’ training was inadequate when it came to treating clients struggling with systemic racism, gender and sexual orientation bias, religious discrimination and similar issues.

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In 2016, four women of color, all psychological counseling professionals, set upon a journey to learn how to work with gender, sexuality, sexual orientation, racism, cultural bias, multi-ethnic groups, acculturation and their own blind spots. They learned that each diversity challenge presents its own unique circumstance, which allows us to choose our responses.

From this humble beginning, came DivaDiversity, a nonprofit company dedicated to incorporating human diversity issues into counseling, education, work and the communities in which we live.

We currently provide services across the state of California as we have learned during the pandemic that our strengths are to focus on what we do best in our local communities.  

Say “Aloha”

Often used as hello or goodbye, “aloha” is the Hawaiian word for love and affection. Going deeper, the Spirit of Aloha is a way of reaching self-perfection and realization of our own body and soul, treating each other with love and respect, and living in harmony. That’s why DivaDiversity refers to our treatment method as the Aloha Model of Inclusion, in which the inclusion of human diversity in therapy is inevitable.

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